I’m just an old-school tech nerd – funding my tech habits and keeping the lights on by creating computer software.

Like many kids born in the 80s, my fascination with computers started with playing video games – which back then often required learning about boot processes and memory management. As a pre-teen, I was exposed to the world of dial-up BBSes and volumes of previously unknown-to-me knowledge. Before long, I was exploring an Internet that looked very different from our Internet of today (Gopher, anyone?) via a dial-up NASA hosted SLIP server at a blazing 14.4kbs.

Since my early beginnings, my love affair with all things technology has continued to grow, evolve and shape who I am on a very deep level. I am a technologist not only by trade, but by passion as well.

Nowadays, you can usually find me attached to my fingers, which are most frequently found pressing on the keys of a keyboard somewhere. I’m an explorer by nature, so it’s difficult to say exactly what I may be doing – though it’s usually something related to learning just a little bit more about the three dozen programming languages, runtimes, frameworks, and/or tech trends that I’m currently fixating on.

Bullet-point of things and stuff from the last decade or so:

  • Open Source Contributor
    • Node.js
    • NPM
    • Deno
    • Ionic
    • Angular
  • Senior Engineer (Enterprise Fintech)
  • Senior Advisory Architect (Enterprise Fintech)
  • Technical Lead
  • Team Lead
  • Team Cheerleader

Let’s engage!

Where to find me:

Email: matt@immatt.com

Twitter: twitter.com/mattezell

Blog: blog.immatt.com

GitHub: github.com/mattezell

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mattezell/